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Runescape history
RuneScape is a very popular multiple player virtual world, role playing game. Hundreds of thousands players from all the world play RuneScape online. Once you obtain an account you can play RuneScape too. The game is also known as Rune Scape.
RuneScape is a virtual reality game set in an era similar to the Middle Ages. In RuneScape you earn money through obtaining skills such as archery, crafting, smithing, and mining to name a few. You also fight battles against opponents. RuneScape is not a game that is played within a few days, weeks or months - RuneScape is more of a life adventure. RuneScape is a game that is different for everyone that plays because you create you own life in the virtual world and you select your own path.
More than two thousand years ago, the lands of RuneScape were torn and scorched during the greatest war ever waged: the god wars. During this time, the gods sent their mightiest minions to walk among their followers, gathering them to battle and, inevitably, to their deaths. In modern-day RuneScape, the Wilderness is the scar that this war left. In recent times, though, the sheer number of adventurers wandering the land have had a remarkable environmental effect something akin to global warming from the massive numbers of logs burnt has thawed a place best forgotten.
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